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Welcome to The St. Mary's / St. Agnes Guild ReNew Bulletin Board!

The ReNew Bulletin Board is designed to facilitate the exchange between parishioners of items no longer wanted or needed or have become superfluous to the current owner - we all have those 'extra' items after consolidating homes or downsizing! - and that others might want or need (we call this the "WISH LIST")!

All are welcome to donate to or request items from the Bulletin Board - but here are a few GUIDELINES to follow:

  • Items are 'freely donated' and no monetary exchange is to be made or expected 

  • All donated items should be in good condition - remember, give the quality you would like to receive!

  • No items will be stored on the Old St. Andrew's premises

  • The ReNew Bulletin Board is a facilitator for exchange of items, not a clearinghouse: as such, neither   Old St. Andrew's nor the Guild guarantee or be held responsible for the quality of the item listed

  • Items to be donated should not include clothing or linens of any type

  • If you have ANY QUESTIONS about donating items, just use the contact form on the next page!


  • If you would like to list an available item on the ReNew Board or add an item to the Wish List, simply use the CONTACT FORM at the bottom of the Bulletin Board!

  • If you're in need of an item that isn't on the list, just use the contact form and let us know!

     The item will be added to the Wish List - which may spur someone to think "Oh yeah, I have

     one of those I don't use!"

  • The name and contact number of the donor will be listed with each item: anyone wanting

     an item should contact the donor directly - the exchange will take place between the two

     parties, independent of the Guild or Old St. Andrew's. (Any items listed without a Donor name

     may be requested using the contact form!)

  • This Board is intended for the use of Old St. Andrew's parishioners; however, if you know of

     someone outside of the parish who is in need, you as a parishioner can make the exchange

     for them, and should accompany them when making the exchange.

  • The Board will be updated each Wednesday - be sure to check back weekly!

  • When an item has been exchanged or if the donor wishes for any reason to remove the item

     from the Bulletin Board, the Guild should be notified as quickly as possible so the item can be    

     removed from the listing.


Small Appliances      Large Appliances     Furniture

Housewares - China, Dishes, Glassware, etc - must be in sets of at least 4!

Health & Beauty - including Medical Equipment such as walkers, etc

Garden Items - Hoes, Spreaders, Rakes, Hoses, etc

Tools - Workshop, Automotive, etc

Children's Corner Items - Excludes Clothing

Miscellaneous Items




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