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The Parish Choir at Old St Andrew's is made up of approximately 14 members who sing at the 11:15 Eucharist Service. There is a great atmosphere in the Choir Room each week, and the choir sings a wide and varied repertoire from 8th century plainsong through the Medieval and Renaissance periods and up to the modern day. The choir also sings the Psalms to Anglican chants or to plainsong chants, and David and Judith have been known to provide harmonies and to adapt different styles of music for the choir to sing.

Rehearsals are held on Thursday evenings at 6:45 until 8:15, and we would sincerely welcome hearing from any new singers who would enjoy taking part in the worship in this beautiful old Parish church! 

To hear excerpts from recent services, please visit our Service Recordings page and scroll down to Music Selections!

For more information, please contact Director of Music DAVID ACRES.

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